OMNI Flow Computer Systems

De Flow has been associated with OMNI since 1994 forming a professional and close working relationship. This includes working in Europe, Russia, CIS, Caspian Sea region and the Middle East.

  OMNI Flow Computers have a world-wide reputation for providing superior product quality and customer service. OMNI back this reputation with a three-year warranty on all products. We are confident you will discover why the OMNI Flow computer is accepted as the leader in setting industry standards. De Flow also provides an engineering support service to our clients by experienced measurement and control engineers.  
Typical Projects:
FPSO Mexico
Expro International plc in Reading via Skeltonhall, Sheffield

Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan
Oil pipeline supply of all fiscal flow computers for the metering stations in Azerbaijan and Georgia

Azerbaijan Republic
State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic supply of solar powered flow computers

Shell Stanlow Refinery
Upgrade of flow computer systems

  BP - KBR
Caspian Sea
AIOC - ACG for offshore platforms in the Caspian Sea via Krohne UK

South Caucasus Pipeline
Supply of supply flow computers for the metering stations including the Sangachal terminal

Rus Gas
Flow computers for Qatar via ACL, UK

National Grid Transco
Transco UK metering stations and tracker sites in UK has been upgraded with OMNI 6000 multi stream units
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