Consultancy for
Measurement Systems

De Flow Ltd. is associated with internationally recognised measurement engineers undertaking metering system design and have worked internationally as ‘Subject Matter Experts’ for major oil companies such as BP and PDO, Oman.

We consider that modern metering systems are best considered as information providing systems which can use a variety of equipment to provide the required information.

We use the following diagram to illustrate our approach to analysing any metering or measurement system for any business entity.

We consider it is especially relevant for the project in question:

  • The top part of the diagram deals with the system requirements, regulatory, contractual, safety, environmental etc., defining what the system must do.
  • The middle part deals with the information flow from the sensors in the field, through data processing in the field and in offices, through to final reporting.
  • The bottom part deals with the specific equipment at each stage in the information processing. In a large system, such as any pipeline system which has developed over many years and a variety of equipment may be used to achieve the functionality.

Cranfield University Relationship

De Flow Ltd. has a strong relationship with Cranfield university. A university with a global reputation for inspirational teaching and research, Cranfield has industrial-scale facilities and strong links with industries worldwide.

And as a wholly postgraduate institution, Cranfield is the first choice for ambitious and skilled individuals wishing to enrol on Masters’, Doctorate and professional development programmes.

Cranfield’s passion for the areas of expertise in which they operate – aerospace, automotive, bioscience, defence, energy, environment, management, manufacturing and security – makes the university uniquely placed for both students and corporate partners alike.

Client feedback

They have provided us with a meter which we marinized for subsea application. The subsea version of the well monitor was tested underwater for ROV operation compatibility, and was tested metrologically at an independent flow loop.

We believe the well monitor can address some unique multiphase flow measurement applications where other meters cannot operate.

Letton Hall Group, Houston